Tuesday 9 November 2010

Instrumental recordings

After the soloists and backing vocals had done their stuff, Annie went into the studio to record some live instrumental bits and pieces. These live instrumentals really add to the sound and quality of the album.

The main things recorded were some strings with Heather Bradshaw (violin), Libby Golding (violin), Annie (viola) and Roger Barnett (cello) and also some guitar from Ian Price. The string sound is absolutely beautiful - particularly in Abide with me, and the guitars are always brilliant as Ian is a Christian session guitarist. His guitars particularly light up Tim's backing tracks for the 'baddie' songs. Helen also added a tiny bit of flute and trumpet - most of the flute had been added back in May when the 'Look of Love' album was being put together.

Annie and Chris have done a great job with the instrumentals - the CD has now been sent off to ICC for duplication, and we can't wait to have it back!

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