Monday 8 November 2010

Another quiet day

While Roger and Annie were working hard in Bramhall, Helen was in Birmingham also working hard. She had been asked to lead a quiet day for Solihull Churches Together at St. John's House in Alum Rock, where she lived before getting married. It was great to see the sisters again and to spend time in the wonderful setting in the house and grounds.

For the last few years Solihull Churches Together had held their quiet day at a venue in Rugby, but this time they decided to stay a little closer to home, and they had a few more in attendance due to that - there were 18 at the day, which was wonderful.

Helen decided to lead the day looking at the end of the world, and focusing on what the Bible actually says. Tom Wright has written some excellent material which gathers the biblical material about the return of Jesus together, emphasising that the Christian hope finds its real basis on that, rather than only on the idea that when we die we leave our bodies behind and go to heaven. Instead, emphasising the bodily resurrection and the new heavens and new earth helps us to focus on Jesus' complete victory over sin, death and pain.

The day went down really well - there was some worship, some teaching, and loads of opportunity for people to be quiet and spend time with God.

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