Wednesday 20 January 2010

The Inn Crowd

On the weekend of December 12th and 13, CMM found itself involved in three productions of the Inn Crowd, organised by the churches in Yardley. Anne Maddox, Roger's former PA, is the wife of Derek, the vicar of St. Michael and All Angels, Yardley. She, along with the wife of the minister of Digbeth in the Fields URC church, decided that it would be really great for the churches in the area to work on something together, and that a musical would be a good foundation for this.

So together they chose the Inn Crowd, and managed to get 12 churches or groups involved - a magnificent effort.

So after all the hard work and rehearsals, Roger, Helen, Tim and Amy were able to drop in and get involved in the performances. Tim on drums, and Helen and Amy with a variety of woodwind instruments, joining their already excellent pianist and guitarists.

The excellent local soloists (including some from the CMM choir) performed in costume in front of three packed churches, including mayors and bishops. It was the first time Roger had seen the drama performed, and it fitted with the songs beautifully. The drama had been written by Peter Lawrence, although Anne and team modified it a little - mostly fitting in a broad Black Country accent.

It was a brilliant weekend. Thanks so much to Anne and team for all the hard work, particularly including Margaret on the piano. Brilliant effort, and hopefully some wonderful relationships forged between the churches.

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