Friday, 19 December 2008

A Roger Jones Christmas!

We received this email from Katie, who used to be a member of staff here at the CMM office:

He's better than Santa isn't he ?!!

Just to report that
Coughton School sang four of Roger's Christmas songs in their Carol Service on 11 and 12 Dec - conducted by yours truly. They were really enthusiastic, and I expect their parents will be sick and tired of "Sheep" by the time Christmas Day arrives. Lots of people were moved to tears by "High up on a Hillside", especially the staff, (and not 'cos it was bad!), and one little girl informed my Mum this week that her favourite was "Come see the beauty of the King" because it had really lovely words and wonderful music. Mum was so surprised, as she expected an 8 year old to like "Sheep" or "Hush, hush" best. Those kids are really thoughtful and they do take on board everything you say......

We also went to Kettering Methodist Church's performance of The Inn Crowd on Sunday - with orchestra (not backing track) and they even had bassoon and cor anglais (which did the opening to No 4 instead of a horn). They did the narration, but were in full costume, with dancers and a decent-sized choir from the circuit. They even had 6 Wise Men (impossible I hear you cry - there can't be six wise men in Kettering!!) - three old blokes from the choir to sing No 8, and 3 fully-costumed young lads to kneel at the manger and look cute. It was nice to listen to someone else. Sam, Debbie, Mary and Joe were all very good (and my Joe behaved himself well in the audience), and Debbie had a good go at the descant. I did apologise to her afterwards for writing it!!

Anyway, Mum went to a concert of The Circle Singers in Alcester on Sat evening conducted by Beresford King-Smith, and even that had "Love came down at Christmas" in it.

If Roger isn't careful he'll turn into John Rutter, and be wheeled out every Christmas even by snobby classical choirs!

Lots of love

Katie xxxx

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