Wednesday 17 December 2008

Another evening at St John's

Now we are in the season of advent, so that means it's time for CMM to lead another evening at St. John's - the Anglican convent which has been Helen's home for the last 3 years, and hugely supportive of our ministry.

Unfortunately this year, Roger and Mary couldn't make it to the evening themselves, so that left Annie and Helen to lead it, ably assisted by Pat Woolridge.

The sisters had been studying Paula Gooder's Advent book "The Meaning is in the Waiting", which is based around the four advent candles representing the patriarchs, the prophets, John the Baptist and Mary. So using Roger's musical Snakes and Ladders and some other bits and pieces, we structured the evening around that.

So if you're wondering how on earth it would work:

Setting the scene: I waited patiently for the Lord (from Simeon)
In the beginning (S&L)

Patriarchs: Father Abraham (S&L), In my dreams (S&L)

Prophets: Engraved upon my palms (S&L)

John the Baptist: Because of the tender mercy of our God (S&L)

Mary: The angel Gabriel from heaven came (not one of Roger's!)
Thorns in the straw (by Graham Kendrick)

Then we used the character of John the Baptist to point forwards to Jesus' death using the song Behold the Lamb (Angel Voices)

To finish: In the Beginning was the word (S&L)
Come thou Long Expected Jesus (trad)

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