Friday 26 September 2008

Since Bognor Regis...

... so much has happened!

We've spent a week at Lee Abbey in Devon, another at Wydale Hall in Yorkshire, and yet another at Treloyhan Manor in Cornwall. These were wonderful weeks of fun and fellowship, learning a musical from scratch to perform at the end of the week. If you sing, play an instrument, or neither, and fancy coming on holiday with CMM, please contact the CMM office for details of our holiday weeks next year. The dates are all on our calendar down the side of this blog.

We have also all been on holiday - Helen has been to Scotland with her family, Annie has spent some time in Cornwall and visiting her family in Somerset, and Roger and Mary spent 10 days in Weston-Super-Mare.

Rock previsits will soon be upon us, so please pray for Roger and the team, and also for all of the choirs rehearsing around the north of England ready for the first tour. It's getting close now!

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