Friday 26 September 2008

Grovelling apologies...

I am so, so sorry for the lack of update on the two CMM blogs and website. I've sent some updates for the Rock part of the main website through to Alex, our webmaster, so there should be some more up to date info on the tour soon.

Rock Rehearsals are going well after a slightly shaky start, and we had our first rehearsal combined with cast and dancers on Tuesday. Most of the songs have been marked out now, so we simply need to practice and refine things. A huge thanks goes to Darren Close, our producer and Sally Jones and Gill Johnson, the choreographers for all their hard work.

The cast have their first away mission tomorrow, at a Rock from scratch day in Cheadle Hulme. After the scratch choir have spent the day learning the musical, we will be performing a concert version of Rock at 3.45pm. Should be great fun.

Other aspects of Rock are going well. Please pray for all the tour 1 organisers and those responsible for selling tickets. It'd be fantastic for the choirs to be able to perform in front of a full house.

Roger recently wrote this in an email:

"I’m thrilled to tell you that we have recently had two tremendous“Tasters”, at
Exeter (Crediton) and Weston. Considering these are both Tour Four venues and
there is a long way to go before they even start rehearsals, it was so
encouraging to see such large numbers and the great excitement and “buzz”amongst
them all!"

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