Friday, 18 April 2008

Rhos on Sea

Last week, Roger, Annie, Liz and myself spent a wonderful few days at St. Winifred's Christian Endeavour Hotel, Rhos on Sea. There we were accompanied by about 30 guests, as well as local people as we learnt and performed the musical David.

Every day Roger led a morning bible teaching session followed by a choir rehearsal. The afternoons were free, and the evenings filled up with worship, rehearsals and performing.

One evening we were joined by Heather Butler, who currently lives on Anglesea. She has a fantastic prophetic ministry, and she really blessed us all through her singing in the Spirit.

The performance of David on the Thursday evening went very well indeed. Annie, Liz and myself provided the accompaniment, joined by Keith on drums, Deb on Viola and Helen on guitar. There were about 80 in the audience, which felt very full indeed. A lovely evening.

Photos: St. Winifred's Hotel, Roger and Heather Butler, the men in full voice at the rehearsal

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