Friday 25 January 2008

Dinner time...

Last Thursday evening the East Birmingham Renewal Group, the trustees and a handful of other CMM supporters gathered at a furniture shop in Erdington, north Birmingham. And no, it wasn't to buy furniture, but instead to have dinner at their restaurant.

When people were pretty full and starting to doze a bit, Roger gave his 'State of the Union' address - sharing the highs and lows of the year past, and envisioning people for the year ahead. Mostly he focused on Rock now he has finished his composition, and the wonderful opportunities it will offer. Rock will clearly show the gospel, even portraying for the first time ever an on-stage conversion. Rock will also contain a demonstration of ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit, something very close to the heart of EBRG and CMM.

Our thanks and prayers are with all of our supporters throughout the country for all of their help and generosity over the years. God bless you.

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