Monday 14 January 2008

Christmas is nearly over!

This weekend has seen some of the last performances of Roger's Christmas musicals that we know about - if there are any others, please let us know.

Back in November Roger led an afternoon workshop on While Shepherds watched followed by a Ways to Praise event at Charlton in Worcestershire. Their final performance of While Shepherds Watched was on Friday. Our prayers are also with them following the death of one of their choir members at a rehearsal.

On Saturday Katie Leaver (Debbie on the album and head of customer services at CMM) led The Inn Crowd in a day at her own church, St. Andrews in Barnt Green, South Birmingham. The day was a great success, and it was followed by a performance at their morning service yesterday. The scratch choir were fantastic, and the musical was well received.

There are still two performances to go for Pamela Dewick and the Gloucester choir, including one tonight. We hope it goes well.

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