Tuesday 9 October 2007

An unexpected trip to the seaside...

We've just returned from a weekend away with Meadow Way Chapel, Norwich. These are old friends of CMM, and the basis for our Norwich performances whenever we tour with a musical. I had assumed we would be staying the weekend in Norwich, but was proved wrong when we sat on the A14 for a lot more time than I expected. Instead, we were staying at Sizewell Christian Conference Centre, on the East coast just north of Ipswich. As someone who has been landlocked for most of her life in the midlands, a hall right on the sea front was a wonderful bonus!

The weekend was based around Paul and Silas in Philippi from Acts 16 - the major themes of Jail Break. It was a priviledge to be there, sharing in the music and supporting Roger and Mary. People seemed to be blessed by what God was doing among them, and the Holy Spirit was certainly present in power on some occasions.

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