Friday 5 October 2007

India Report

Here's some excerpts from Roger's report on his trip to India:

"Accompanied by DEVON BROWN and ANN STEER, two of our regular Soloists, we set out on a long arduous journey lasting about 20 hours. Missing a nights sleep, and 4 ½ hours in time, we arrived at Kerala and immediately were joined by MIKE & BARBARA ROWARTH, who came out from UK a week earlier. Very soon we were rehearsing THE INN CROWD.

"It was a joy to meet up again with the “Family Harmony” Choir. They are a wonderful group of very friendly and welcoming folk, who made us feel very much at home. The “World Premiere” of THE INN CROWD was presented at CMS College Hall and approximately 500 people came to watch."

And then in Vellore...

"The Chapel meetings were a challenge for me, having to wait each sentence for the translation. But the translator was a wonderful Christian man, and we all knew he was capturing the true impact of what I was trying to say. After the second meeting a small Hindu lady came and knelt before me, asking for prayer. This as just the start! As the days went on more and more came in this way, even Patients were brought down from the Wards by Nurses. Never before have I felt quite so reliant on God turning up in power!

"The final Production was tremendous, with over 1000 people crowded into the auditorium. The Choir were magnificent, and the Dancers, about 20 of them, thrilled us with their “Indian style” movements. The local soloists, who complemented the UK Team of Devon and Ann did extremely well, and the “Indian World Premiere” of JAIL BREAK crowned an amazing two weeks of ministry."

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