Friday 21 September 2007

Travels afar

We are just coming to the end of several weeks where different members of the CMM team have been away from the office. Firstly, Roger has been out in India, with two of our regular soloists, Devon Brown and Ann Steer, and Mike and Barbara Rowarth, wonderful supporters and friends.

They started off in Kerala, leading workshops and seminars based around 'The Inn Crowd'. Have a look at

On Monday they travelled to the teaching hospital in Vellore to begin a week of mission, which will culminate in a performance of Jail Break on Sunday evening. This will be a very challenging week, as Roger has to lead two teaching sessions a day, as well as a choir rehearsal.

Helen was away last week in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. She was walking the St. Cuthbert's way in aid of CORD, a Christian charity based in Leamington Spa. The walk is from Melrose to Holy Island, and covers 100km (62 miles). Helen and her sister Deb managed well over three quarters of the walk before Helen's ankle decided to give up. Despite this, they have raised over £1200, which is an incredible figure. To look at photos, please visit: , or if you would like to add to the sponsorship total, go to .

Finally, Annie has been away on holiday visiting her father and stepmother in Somerset. She was hoping to travel to Anglesea with her stepmother, Gay, but they were forced to cancel this trip due to Gay's ill health. Annie has been able to spend time with them in Somerset instead, which will hopefully have been a restful time.

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