Friday 7 September 2007

Musical Launch

Just a few excited thoughts today about 'The Inn Crowd in a Day' which is going to be happening on September 29th. So far 77 people have booked, and there's still a few choirs which haven't sent definite numbers.

It's always interesting on these occasions to see who turns up - nearly two years ago, we had over 200 people come and learn 'While Shepherds Watched' in a day, which was quite incredible. It was also the big retirement party for Phil though, so a lot of people came. Last year we held 'A Grain of Mustard Seed' in a day. That musical doesn't seem to hold the same appeal as the bible based musicals, despite some really good pieces and its strong message. We have already had considerably more bookings than for Mustard Seed, so I'm beginning to get excited.

It looks like it is going to be an interesting orchestra - so far we have:

2 drummers
2 guitarists
1 cello
1 violin
1 oboe
1 trumpet
1 trombone
and 4 flutes!

Not sure what instrument I'll play yet...

The choir is also going to be interesting:

5 altos
9 tenors
7 basses

and 42 sopranos!

God has a strange way of working sometime.

Photo: Trumpeters at 'A Grain of Mustard Seed in a Day' last November

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