Friday 13 November 2020

Torn Curtain Bible Studies and Three Wise Camels News

Hi Folks

Thank you to all those who joined us this Monday for the first of Dave Gidney’s TORN CURTAIN BIBLE STUDIES talks. It was a wonderful evening, and we are looking to going deeper into the Tabernacle over the next two Mondays at 8pm. If you missed it, the first one is now available permanently on our YouTube Channel.  Here are the all-important links:

We’re very excited about preparations for THREE WISE CAMELS premiere. Annie led a wonderful Zoom rehearsal for those taking part in our virtual choir recording of song 8 this week. If you'd like to watch the rehearsal back, get in contact with Helen on Having had such a great time rehearsing on Zoom this week, we plan to do another one, where we can learn 2-3 more songs so you can sing along with the premiere.  The date will be Wednesday 02 Dec at 8pm - Helen won't be screen-sharing the music this time, so you'll need your vocal score.  If you would like to be part of this then let Helen know, and she'll send the Zoom link to you.

“Camels” is now one of 6 Christmas musicals we have available, and although we don’t anticipate many “live” performances this year, we do suggest playing and singing them through at home, and sharing the experience with others if you can.  But don’t forget our other Christmas music:

With Advent rapidly approaching I’d also to recommend Annie Routley’s beautiful choral arrangement of my setting of ON JORDAN’S BANK THE BAPTIST’S CRY.  The sheet is now downloadable from  “Sheet Music Plus”, as are many others of our songs, with more regularly added.

I’ve started to go LIVE AT FIVE on Facebook each Monday, with a thought for the week and CMM news.  It seems to be attracting great numbers! Follow me on my facebook page to receive notifications for this.

HEART & SOUL continues each Wednesday,  and now also available via Alexa - just say “Alexa, open Brumside Radio” - each Weds 6-8pm (repeated Thursday 11am-1pm)

We really do appreciate your thoughts, prayers and custom, and all the more so in these difficult times.  Do keep in touch with us, and please tell others!


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