Thursday 11 June 2020

Roger's June 2020 ENews

Hi there folks – greetings to all!


This seems such a “bitter-sweet” time.  I’m thrilled with the creativity that is emerging in so many different ways, and delighted to announce the coming of a new musical,  THE THREE WISE CAMELS.  I’m sure you can guess what it’s about!  It will be a short mini-musical (probably 8 songs) including a drama by Jane Hicks, for Christmas/Epiphany.  We are all very excited about this.  The songs are almost complete, we’re starting to get backing tracks arranged, and George Hicks is working on the cover artwork.  We hope to have it available for Christmas.


However, there are problems surrounding how we can complete the project:  

  • Recording voices will be difficult, although not impossible, but getting a choir or group together is problematic.
  • All our CMM events are cancelled, including the August music weeks, so sadly ministry opportunities are being missed, and we are not receiving any financial return. 
  • Orders for products have significantly declined (Mary and I are managing to fulfil these ourselves whilst Tim is working from home).  This also effects financial support for the ministry.


But, we believe it right to keep going, in fact we are all working from home and very busy with exciting projects.  


How can you help?

  • Pray for us –  This is the absolute priority.  We want to keep in line with the Holy Spirit at all times, and it’s important that things are done His way.  (Please contact us if you would like to become a “Prayer Warrior” for us.  This is a very special type of praying that some are call to do.)
  • Donate to CMM – Some may feel able to give or even increase giving – every little helps.  Go to this link, or contact us at CMM.  (We can remotely pay in cheques made to “CMM” or “Christian Music Ministries”.)
  • Purchase our products – we have the special offer of a Music Book and CD for any of the MUSICALS at a special price of £15, and we’re offering Peter Lawrence’s BIBLICAL SNAKES BIBLICAL LADDERS £5 post free, or free with any order.  (I’ve written 23 musicals – have you got the set?)


We are maintaining our weekly HEART & SOUL broadcasts (Wed 6-8pm;  repeated Thurs 11am-1pm on ) and we’ve presented some great interviews, testimonies and music.  It is encouraging to be able to continue this ministry despite the restrictions.


If you missed our  Annual Supporters Evening video you can watch it below, or find it on the Christian Music Ministries Youtube channel here.



One last appeal!

We’d love to re-issue the original JERUSALEM JOY recording, with Chris Bowater and the choir of Aston Manor School.  But we can’t trace the master tapes, and cassettes usually aren’t good enough.  Has anyone access to a good record player (vinyl) that can be connected to a digital recorder of some sort?  We have the records, but not the equipment  - Any offers welcome!  Please let us know (


Bless you all!



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