Tuesday 17 December 2019

CMM Christmas News

Here it is, the email you've been waiting 12 months for!  We have at last finished our annual Christmas newsletters.

Poppy's pages:
"The Christmas lights are going on all around Bromsgrove and we are almost the first in our road..."
Poppy's pages also includes news from the rest of the Jones family - Tim & Emma, Andrew & Gemma and Sally & Karl.  Click here for more!

Annie's news:
"This year has been filled creatively for me with Roger's Torn Curtain..."
As well as all she has been working on at CMM, Annie's news includes something for all past and present CMM Choir members, as well as ballet and the People's Orchestra. Click here to enjoy all Annie has to share.

Christmas news from Helen:
"Thanks for all your love and support in 2019.  Work at CMM has continued to be very busy and fruitful..."
There's a couple of cute pictures of Michael in this one.  Don't miss it!

Amy's Christmas news:
"This is my first Christmas newsletter here at CMM so I thought I would use it to introduce myself..."
If you want to know a bit more about Roger's new PA and long-term CMM Associate Amy (as well as seeing a picture of her beautiful daughter), then click here.

CMM Christmas news and events:
Our latest colour mailing complete with important events coming up in 2020.

As you'll see, our 2020 DIARY shows shows a full and exciting time ahead for us all, and more events will be added as the year unfolds.  We do so value and need your support.  We couldn’t do this without you folk!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Jesus-filled New year!


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