Friday 23 November 2018

Post-Cyprus report part 1

The team have returned from Cyprus buzzing about all the Lord has done while they have been out there.  We would like to thank you all so much for your prayer support for this mission - it really has made a huge difference.

The performance in Ayia Napa was first.  Peter Day and the Gatehouse Singers based in the town were the bedrock of the choir, and they did a terrific job.  The CMM soloist team of Ann, Yvette, Bill, Devon and Paul were joined by a Larnaca-based singer, Claire (who also was hosting Ann and Yvette for the visit).  The team worked really well together and Claire fitted in perfectly.  The Ayia Napa town hall is really quite big, and although it wasn't completely full, there was a really good audience supporting the evening.

The following weekend saw the team help lead the worship at Larnaca Community Church, and then hold a performance of Rock there the following day.  Claire had trained the local choir, and the church was packed out with people from lots of different cultures and age groups for the performance.  Roger's comment was that it felt like a matinee performance, but in the evening!  It was noisy but great fun.

After Larnaca the team headed to Paphos for a performance at the UKCA centre there.  The choir had been trained by Jane Roberts, who seems to divide her time between Cyprus and the UK!  She did a wonderful job - so good the choir paid to fly her over specially for the performance.  It was a packed house again, and the team (holding 'Finding your place' leaflets) had some great conversations and there was a good amount of prayer ministry.

The next day was Mick's (CMM trustee and Cyprus support extraordinaire) birthday and the team celebrated with Mick's Cyprus friends, before preparing for the final performance in Limassol at the ICF church there.  The Limassol section of the choir had been based at St Barnabas' church, but this performance was the massed choirs version, and singers came from across the Island.  The wonderful performance at Limassol was rounded off beautifully by the team sharing in worship at St Barnabas' Church the next day.  In the afternoon they had an incredibly special follow-up event called 'Working in the Father's Business'.  Over 30 people gathered and spent time learning about moving in the power of the Holy Spirit together.

We praise God for such an exciting visit, and we pray for all those who have been touched by the Spirit through the different events.
Devon at Ayia Napa

Ann, Claire and Yvette at Ayia Napa
Waiting for the performance to start in Larnaca
Devon and Paul in Larnaca
The amazing Richard at work in Paphos
Jane working with the Paphos Choir
Praying for Bill as part of the drama

ICF performance, Limassol

A well-earned meal out

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