Friday 12 October 2018

Roger's October eNews

Hi Folks

Sorry I’m late with my October news. It’s been very hectic and productive at CMM recently. Annie has done lots of Musical in Day events (see previous blog post), Helen has just led a similar day and led worship at a conference, and I’ve recently done lots of individual gigs as well as the regular “Heart & Soul” shows. It’s wonderful to have had so many opportunities. Just look at our DIARY to see what’s gone and what’s coming up!

Next weekend (20-21 Oct) CMM are in two places:
  • ROCK - Pulborough, Sussex - Roger and team 
  • JAIRUS’ DAUGHTER – Welshpool - Annie and team 

For further details contact the CMM 0ffice (01527 576440 or

Looking ahead to Christmas, we have many things to share:

Do see our full colour Summer Newsletter for details of upcoming events, diary, publications, etc, well into 2019.

HEART & SOUL (6-8pm every Wednesday on South Birmingham Radio) is going well and we’ve now done over 25 programmes! We still meet folk who either haven’t got around to listening to it yet, or think it doesn’t reach their area. It’s internet based (not FM radio) so you can get it anywhere via PC, Smartphone, etc. We really do need your support and encouragement, so do tune in:

- or on an “app” like Simple Radio .

Bless you all!

Roger Jones

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