Monday 19 March 2018

Back to work

I’ve now been back at CMM for over two weeks, and time is already flying by. It is so lovely to be back and working alongside friends again. Amazingly, the first letter I opened was from my parents booking for May 19th – I recognised my dad’s handwriting immediately! And the first few phone calls I received were from people I really love and have missed while I have been away.

In my absence, Lindsay has done a really terrific job. She has not only kept what I was doing ticking over nicely, but she has expanded our online presence particularly with LinkedIn and putting many publications onto Kindle. If any of you like to use a tablet for your sheet music, most of our musicals can now be downloaded direct to your device in this way. The non-music books are also there, and I will take this opportunity to recommend Alison Fuggle’s novel based on Barnabas. It’s called ‘The Encourager’ and not only does it give many Biblical insights and bring characters to life, it is also a really good read!

Lindsay also had to deal with helping the team adjust to using Office 365 across the network and transferring our work over from Dropbox to OneDrive. She also helped to bring our policies and practices right up to date. These are all little things that have combined to make a real mark on office life here, and for that – along with her general loveliness – she will really be missed.

Now, looking forward, there is much to be getting on with. My first big project is our big musical in a day event in May to celebrate Roger’s 70th Birthday. We’re really looking forward to it. We have a lovely big orchestra booked (although there are always spaces for more) and the choir is growing each day. Alex (our wonderful webmaster) has managed to get an online booking form up, so if you haven’t got your tickets yet, you can do it all online without having to pay by BACS or print off a form and send a cheque.

There are a few more book projects in the pipeline, so watch this space for further announcements, and I hope to develop our YouTube channel further and make a few recordings of talks etc available for you all. We’ll see how things develop!

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