Tuesday 3 October 2017

October 2017 news from Roger Jones

Dear friends

Christmas is coming! Some will think this is too early for a mention, but as a school teacher or director of music at church, I’d almost made up my mind by now about what I was going to do for Christmas – and there’s always the perennial challenge of presents for friends and family.

Don’t forget our CMM material:
MUSICALS for Christmas - AWAY IN A MANGER, SIMEON, *STARGAZERS, THE INN CROWD, WHILE SHEPHERDS WATCHED – adaptable for all ages and abilities, with backing tracks and instrumental parts.

COLLECTIONS - THE ROGER JONES CHRISTMAS COLLECTION, and SONGS OF CHRISTMAS (new last year!) – song books and recordings

CHORAL COLLECTION - for unison, 2-part and SATB, etc. Many of these are taken from the musicals, but some have always been stand-a-lone items

SQUIDGY BOD AT CHRISTMAS - Peter Lawrence’s all-age cartoon tale – suitable for family services, school assemblies, etc.

BORN IN THE NIGHT – Tim Jones’ Christmas backing tracks of popular carols and songs – great for assemblies, services and carol singing

* This week we publish a new edition of STARGAZERS, with new type-setting, layouts and an extra carol at the end! (also available as a Kindle edition)

Our free SONG OF THE MONTH is “At last we see before our eyes (He comes with healing in his wings)”, a worship song with words by Alison Fuggle, suitable for Christmas and other times, sung by Helen Pollard with a lovely clarinet part by Amy Carter.

You can hear extracts from SONGS OF CHRISTMAS on the homepage of our CMM website. This and many other CMM publications are now available on Kindle, and most of our albums are on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Once again, thank you all for your support and encouragement.

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