Thursday 26 October 2017

Musical Man goes to Hull

Roger Jones and team went to Hull on 10 October and performed Musical Man at the Acorn Centre in Bilton Grange. Musical Man is an autobiographical musical assisted by a local choir. 

Roger Jones - Musical Man is also the name of a book about Roger Jones by Graham Allan:

"Tinkling the ivories will get you nowhere, Jones."

From an uncertain start in Birmingham´s inner city, to composer of over twenty Christian cantatas, this biography traces the story of the life and ministry of Roger Jones, musical man. It recounts his humble beginnings in Secondary Modern Education, his transition from teacher to full–time ministry and examines the growth and development of his organisation, Christian Music Ministries.

Graham Allan, of Penrith Methodist Church, Cumbria, wrote the book. Based on extensive research and interviews, this book demonstrates that reliance on talents and skills alone is not enough. Without the support of friends and family, and above all the guidance and help of God´s Holy Spirit, Roger´s story could have been so different.

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See the Slideshow of the event in Hull below:

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