Tuesday 14 February 2017

Barnabas in Cyprus

Our big event in November was a tour of much of the Island of Cyprus!  From the 9th November to the 23rd, a CMM team consisting of Roger, Mary, Helen, Mick, Devon, Bill, Alan and Yvette 'travelled across the whole island' (see Acts 13:6).

Barnabas was performed in multiple locations with wonderful local choirs (and their not-so-local friends!):






Nicosia - massed choirs event

There were also some wonderful highlights for the team - Mick had his 70th birthday celebrations with a BBQ hosted by the Lange family - hosts for Devon, Bill and Alan.

Lange family artwork on display
Mick enjoying Lucas' carrot cake

They also had a wonderful retreat to finish off the visit and a meal out with all of the amazing local organisers.
At the retreat house
Celebration lunch
More Cyprus reporting to come - watch this space!

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