Friday 15 January 2016

Behind the scenes 3: Choral Collection

Over many years, CMM has taken the cream of Roger's choral writing, skimmed it off, and turned it into a wonderful collection of anthems that then proceeded to sit in a box waiting to be snapped up by choirs around the world.  However, the world of music sales and communications is changing hugely with the not just the internet, but also the increase in tablet computers used to display music.

As a response, Annie and our webmaster Alex have been working hard here at CMM to bring all of these anthems into an online collection called the 'Roger Jones Choral Collection' so that choir trainers can download a pdf of each anthem.  This collection contains sheet music for a huge range of anthems, grouped into 'General', 'Lent and Easter' and 'Advent and Christmas'.  There are 2, 3 and 4 part anthems, including a couple of arrangements for SA or SSA.  (If your choir is SA or SSA and you would like an arrangement making, it is just the kind of creative project Annie loves!).  Many of the anthems also have orchestral parts and backing tracks - just contact the CMM office for more details about a specific anthem.

Another of the true wonders of the online collection is that each anthem can be previewed, enabling choir trainers to see the full anthem in advance of purchase.  Each purchase comes with permission to print 20 copies - and for any choirs that need more, an appropriate donation to the work of CMM is requested.

We long to be an organisation that can encourage and equip church choirs - particularly where it is a struggle to find music that is fun and accessible.  So next time your choir trainer is on the lookout for music, show them the Roger Jones Choral Collection!

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