Monday 30 November 2015

Greater than Gold in Conwy

Beechwood Court
The day after the premiere, Roger, along with Helen and Sarah travelled to Conwy in North Wales for a Greater than Gold music week.  The venue was Beechwood Court Hotel, which has now sadly closed - we were honoured to be one of the last events in the hotel.

We had a lovely group of 25-30 guests staying at the hotel, as well as a few who travelled in as day visitors.  The team of Roger, Helen and Sarah was supplemented by locals Keith on drums and Deb (Helen's sister) on viola.

Helen working with the choir
It really was a fabulous week.  Helen trained the choir (who were excellent) while Sarah accompanied the rehearsals and helped Helen work with the soloists.  Keith came in each day to play drums for the worship and then for the musical.  It really adds a huge amount to the atmosphere and musicality to be supported by a good drummer.  Deb was able to be present for a full day, and also the performance itself, which was so lovely.

Each morning we had some Bible teaching led by Roger (day 1 and 3) and Helen (day 2).  The themes were all about the Bible: 'The Written Word', 'The Spoken Word' and 'The Living Word'.  On the final morning we took the opportunity to have a good long time of prayer ministry, which was very special.

Mary Jones World
The evenings held a variety of activities, including a special 'Evening with Roger' where he was interviewed by Helen and shared various stories from his life interspersed with songs.

Another highlight included a day trip to the newly-opened 'Mary Jones World' in Bala.  The weather was atrocious, but the centre was absolutely lovely.  Mary's story is fascinating, and it was a real joy to sing to the visitors a couple of the songs from the musical.

The performance itself on the last night of the week was held in the Parish Hall in Conwy.  The hall wasn't the easiest performance location, but the choir coped admirably well and produced an amazing sound.  The audience wasn't huge, but it was quality!  The soloists also did a fabulous job, and Mary Jones narrated the story!

Deb with Keith and Sarah
The choir in rehearsal
Roger leading a song
Mary Jones with Mary Jones!
The choir singing in Mary Jones World
Sarah taking the Mary Jones solo
One of Mary Jones' Bibles
Sarah and Deb playing for the performance
Keith drumming in the Parish Hall
Helen conducting the choir in the Parish Hall
Mary narrating
Dai, a local singer took the role of the Father
Helen playing the kazoo instrumental on her plastic trombone
The choir in rehearsal at the Parish Hall
Helen working hard
The band accompanying the choir

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