Thursday, 26 June 2014

June 2014 - Hymn Collection Recording

Helen, Sheila, Ann and Yvette
This May and June has seen the CMM team beavering away working on a new album to sit alongside the Roger Jones Hymn Collection.  The new updated version of the Hymn Collection book has been released for a few weeks now, and with 20 new hymns in the book, the two existing albums need to be joined by another.

Simon, Devon and Dave
For volume 3, a number of the hymns were already recorded, but a number more needed updating, or in two cases, completely new recordings.  Tim worked really hard through technical problems to sequence two new backing tracks, while Chris edited the existing recordings so that we could record new vocals.

Phil and Paul
Then in early June we had two nights in the studio, the first where we focused mainly on solos and unison work, with Yvette, Sheila, Ann, Helen, Simon, Devon and Dave.  On the second night Annie and Helen recorded a little bit of instrumental work, and then more singers arrived for solo and harmony work: Catherine, Ann, Katie, Paul, Phil and Dave.  One of the most exciting parts of that evening was recording the harmony backing to O my saviour, lifted.  It is going to be a beautiful track.

Congregational Recording evening
Then on a Tuesday evening later in June we 'borrowed' Lickey Church's 'Singing for Fun' group, who formed the basis of our exciting congregational recording.  They were supplemented by other friends from St Andrew's Barnt Green, the CMM Choir, and anyone else that fancied coming.  Sing for Fun were wonderful hosts, providing cakes and drinks too!  Helen led a warm up, then Roger and Annie led the evening, with Helen and Clive working the sound desk.  Mary and Amy ran the bookstall, which did pretty well - plenty of pre-orders for the new CD.  It is a great project, and we look forward to the album appearing in late July.  Chris has lots of work to do as he edits and mixes the tracks, so do pray for him, and Andrew is preparing the finished artwork.  CD production really is a team sport!

Helen, Annie, Ann and Katie hard at work
Annie, Catherine and Helen
Helen working with the guys
Chris hard at work
Roger leading the congregational evening
Wonderful singers gathered at Lickey Church
Going for a take
Annie leading another song
More amazing singers!

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