Wednesday 18 June 2014

31 May 2014 A Welsh Weekend

Sandfields Methodist Church
As May turned into June, Helen and a team spent the weekend in South Wales.  This is the third such weekend Helen has led at Sandfields Methodist Church in Port Talbot, and this time the musical focus was Jerusalem Joy.  Bill travelled over to take the role of Jesus, and further assistance came from Deb on viola and backing track, and Peter on flute (as well as a Caiaphas cameo).  All of the other solo roles came from within the choir, including Helen's dad Chris (Judas), Gwyn (Herod) and John (Pilot).

It was a pleasure to be back at Sandfields again.  The choir were superb - a great tenor section particularly, as would be expected in Wales!  Very few of the singers read music, but they picked up the parts very quickly and easily.

After a shared tea, the choir and audience gathered for the performance.  It went amazingly well.  An exciting moment came at the end of the performance when Helen shared a little about how the story didn't stop there, but carried on right through to Pentecost and beyond - Bill read a little from the opening of Saints Alive.  It gave Helen the opportunity to share with those gathered some of the pictures and words of knowledge that EBRG had received on the Thursday beforehand - one of which was claimed immediately.

The following morning Helen led the service at Neath Methodist Church, another church in the circuit.  It was good to see members of the choir from the previous day, and also some new faces.

Neath Methodist Church

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