Wednesday 30 April 2014

23 November 2013 The Inn Crowd in Alsager

While Roger, Helen and Mary were in Cyprus, Annie took a team with her and travelled to Alsager for the Inn Crowd in a day.  She had a great team with her - Richard played the part of Sam, Ann the part of Debbie, Simon the part of Joe, and Amy was Mary.  The team were also joined by Carol and Graham who are often on team, but this time just came along for fun.  

It was lovely to spend a day with Bernard and Sheila Moss, as CMM has a very special relationship with them that has built up over the years.  Bernard and Sheila provided an amazing lunch for the team of Staffordshire oatcakes!

There were a lot of really good singers at the day, including a lot of men, which always helps!

This is what Annie had to say in an email afterwards:

Hi, folks. Had a lovely email from Bernard Moss, the organiser of the Alsager 'Inn Crowd' musical-in-a-day on Saturday. An extract from his email this morning says "Thank you so much to you and your team for a great day yesterday - prayers were answered in so many ways, and yes, people are asking for you to come back ... Lots of great feedback from church this morning, including lots of people who hadn't been able to come realising what they had missed! What struck members of the choir most was your lovely ability to work with us as we are, not as we might be, and being able to take our musical imperfections and weave them into an enjoyable moment ... that surely is also what the gospel is all about!

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