Monday, 10 March 2014

Worship Day in Burton Latimer

Catherine at Burton Latimer
While Roger, Annie and Helen were busy writing Worship Works, there were a number of opportunities to try out the material on different churches.  One example was Burton Latimer Baptist Church, near Kettering, the home church of one of CMM's soloists, Catherine.

Roger took with him a great team consisting of Annie, Simon, Sarah, Marilyn, Ellen, and of course Catherine was there too.  The first half of the day was for the music group, choir and the minister and his wife.  It was great to have both the traditional and the modern sides of the church at the same meeting.

Annie kicked the day off with some worship, and then Roger led the opening session about praise in the local church, focusing on the praise block and how it might best be used in a normal church service setting.  Annie then led a session about running a music group.

In the afternoon there were some more general sessions - 'Being a worshipper' and 'Ways to Praise' which were open to everyone.

It was a lovely day - the team were really well looked after by Catherine's parents, and it was a joy to be working with the really key people within the church.

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