Wednesday 3 April 2013

Kidderminster Churches Lent Course

Right at the end of February, Roger was invited to lead the first of a special lent course for Churches Together in Kidderminster.  The Churches group had long been planning these meetings, and each would be led by a different speaker including a bishop and the Manchester United chaplain!  Simon Gudger, a Baptist Minister in Kidderminster and CMM soloist invited Roger to take the first of these, speaking on 'What the Resurrection means to me' and to include some music.

The evening was held at a Catholic Church, and as it was the first in the series the organisers had no idea how many would be present.  They needn't have worried - there were a lot of people there, and Roger had a  great time sharing with them.  He was able to include some personal testimony, as well as some lovely music including Man of Sorrows.  Roger was joined by soloists Simon Gudger and Kathleen Owen, who between them were an excellent team for an evening really blessed by God.

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