Wednesday 27 February 2013

Recording time!

For the last few months the CMM team have been working hard on our latest project - a revamp of the musical 'Apostle'.  This musical was first published over 30 years ago, so Roger decided that now was a good time to revise the vocal score and create a completely new recording.

The vocal score is now with the printers and due to arrive any time, and the CD is well under way.  Chris King, Tim, Annie and Helen have all contributed backing tracks, and all of the instrumental, solo and vocal group work is now recorded.  All that is left is the congregational recording day on Saturday, and the final mixing.

The musical will be properly launched on Saturday 13th April with an exciting 'musical in a day' event, which should be great fun - singers and audience needed, so do contact if you are interested!  More photos to follow:

Barney - Sarah's inspiration to help her sing solos
Devon working hard as Saul

Helen and Sarah singing some duets

Peter, Karl and Chris working on the bonus track

The ladies of the group - Katie, Ann, Sarah, Annie and Helen

Setting up the strings recording

The men of the group - Dave, Peter, Simon, Chris and Phil

The 'Baddies' - Richard, Jonathan and Alan

Jane adding some lovely oboe
Simon as Ananias

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