Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A snowy adventure

Back in January as the snow was beginning to fall, Annie, Helen, Alan and Miriam set off for the Oakes in Sheffield, an old Manor house on the outskirts of the city that has been converted into a Christian Youth Centre.  The snow that thickly covered Birmingham was not too deep in Sheffield, and the team arrived on time for a special Two Sisters and a Funeral performing arts weekend.

The team at the Oakes had worked amazingly hard to gather nearly 60 campers for the weekend (only 3 of which were boys!), and it paid off with quite a number of new faces, and some amazing singers, dancers and instrumentalists.

After an introductory evening, hot dogs and quiz on the Friday night, the camp really got going on the Saturday, with rehearsals for the musical, Bible teaching based around Jesus - the resurrection and the life, and outdoor activities.  The Oakes is an amazing place geared up to look after young people, with lots of dorms, and lovely grounds which contain a ropes course, an archery range, a climbing wall, and a lake among other things.  After the campers had worked really hard all day they were let loose in the snow with a snow sculpture competition and a wide game, followed by a campfire.

The Sunday morning included more Bible teaching, worship and rehearsals and then in the afternoon the weekend culminated in a performance for the parents and guardians.  It was an amazing performance, and the audience loved it!

Have a look at the video above - now this is how you memorise a Bible verse!

Please pray for the work of the Oakes and for the young people that go there.  Pray that they take home the gospel message and let it transform their lives.

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