Monday 10 December 2012

The Inn Crowd in Alcester

Roger and Pat
On Saturday 24th November Roger and Helen travelled the short distance down the road to Alcester to the minster for a special 'Inn Crowd' day.  The day had been organised by Pat Newbold, and her daughter Katie, who is a CMM recording regular and worked in the office for a couple of years.  Katie sang the Innkeeper's Wife role on the CD and also trained the choir for this event.

The other team members for the day were Barrie and Simon - Barrie taking the role of Sam, the innkeeper, and Simon playing the part of Joseph.  Katie had also arranged for there to be a group of children singing the shepherds part, as well as three 'wise men'!

The three wise men
After some worries about turnout, the choir was a lovely size, and made up of about 30 people from a number of different churches in the benefice.  The choir had learnt the musical really well, particularly on so few rehearsals.  It was so wonderful to see people sharing with each other from across the different churches.  We were also helped amazingly by Katie's brother John, who sorted out the sound for us all - having good monitors for the backing track is always a huge relief!
The team, including Katie's son Joe

The performance was really well attended - there were very few seats left empty that weren't behind a pillar, and the audience seemed to enjoy themselves.

A musical is such a wonderful way of drawing a community together and sharing the gospel.  Well done to Pat for all her hard work - it certainly paid off.

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