Thursday 16 August 2012

A few days in the office

Following our week away at Lee Abbey, the CMM team have returned to the office for a few days.  Roger, Helen and Annie are all working on the worship workbook at the moment, which is going to be a long but rewarding project.  On top of that, we all have different projects to work on.

Poppy guarding the office doors
Annie is updating and editing our xtras files to make sure everything is present and correct, and completely ready for people to print out, as computers and printers develop and change.  She is also doing little bits and pieces of musical arrangement, and received this comment from someone:

"I'm used to arranging music for various groups of recorders/strings etc at school using my version of Sibelius, & we have done 3 Roger Jones musicals at church previously.  We find they are so accessible for less experienced folk to sing & put over such good messages!  (Last time, one of the choir members had a clear conversion experience even as they sang in the final performance - praise God!)"

Helen is working hard advertising the various events that are due to take place in the autumn:
16th September - Renewal Evening with Andrew Attwood
26th September - an evening with Michael Card
25th November - Renewal Day with Martin Cavender
1st December - While Shepherds Watched in a day
If you would like to know anything more about these events, do email Helen -

Roger beavering away
Roger is also busy.  This afternoon he is going to a church in Worcestershire with Simon Gudger to take part in a singing day.  This is part of the church holiday at home week for older people, where there are lots of events put on for people.  For an hour this afternoon, Simon and Roger are going to lead a session where Simon shares a lot of his testimony and sings a number of songs from his time at CMM.  Roger's hard work doesn't just stop there - he is preparing for the music week at Willersley Castle next week, and he is also preaching for the first time at his new church at Lickey on Sunday.

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