Friday, 29 June 2012

CMM Choir tour begins

On Sunday night (before the football), Annie and the CMM choir travelled to Six Ways Baptist Church in Erdington to begin their mini-tour of Birmingham with the musical Jairus' Daughter.  Annie and Sylvia have been training the East and West sections of the choir respectively over the last few months, ready for this premiere.

Despite a couple of missing soloists, the performance went really well indeed.  Jonathan filled in the Jairus part for Pete, and Sue the sick woman part for Pat.  David Hall sang really well as Jesus and the other soloists were wonderful.  Alan spoke at the end, and the whole performance was finished off with 'In Christ Alone'.

Before the performance the choir were introduced by the minister, who said 'we look forward to you entertaining us', but actually the event was far more than just entertainment.  The choir were able to worship as they sang, and the congregation were encouraged to be open to the Holy Spirit and hear God speaking.

Well done to the choir, and our prayers are with you for the remaining performances.

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