Tuesday 1 May 2012

Saints Alive in Harborne

Last weekend Annie went just the short drive down the road to St Faith and St Lawrence Church in Harborne, Birmingham, for a special churches together event.  Annie had been asked to lead Saints Alive in a day, and this followed on from her Apostle in a day last year.

Annie had a great team with her - Richard, Catherine, Jenny, Eddie and Amy.  Amy and Catherine both sang and played instruments - Catherine on cello and Amy on clarinet and other various bits.  Richard brought some of his family to watch the performance, but leaving his young twins at home.

There were about 30 in the choir, who were very good, and included a lot of music readers and members of the CMM choir, which was great.  Annie was very pleased with the quality of the final performance, and she gave a talk as part of it.  Her talk was about being a witness, which linked in with one of the songs 'Power to be witnesses'.  She talked about how our whole lives will be a witness, and when we're asked about our faith and the reason for our hope, don't mince words and only talk about the nice bits!

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