Friday 9 March 2012

Roger's sabbatical etc

The latest leg of Roger's sabbatical sees him visiting Cyprus.  It is partly a holiday for him and Mary, but also a few ministry opportunities have opened there.  Yesterday he met with some clergy on the island to talk about mission using a musical, and today he will be leading a worship seminar with local leaders in Larnaca Community Church.  He'll be preaching a couple of times on Sunday and then he's travelling to Paphos.  Amazingly the Island are putting on their own version of From Pharaoh to Freedom later in the year, so Roger's going to gatecrash a rehearsal on Tuesday.

Sometimes it is amazing how God opens up doors for the ministry.  Do pray that we follow the right leads and that if God has something big planned for CMM and Cyprus in the next couple of years then we don't miss it!

We've also had a few phone calls recently from people who want to use Roger's music in their local school situations.  We had one lady call from the Cumbria/Yorkshire border to say that years ago she had taught a school choir Jerusalem Joy.  The children loved it so much they went around the school singing it, which then made the teachers take note.  The next thing she knew most of the school were in the choir, as well as the teachers, and they put on a wonderful performance in front of a packed house of intrigued parents.  Now she is once again leading a choir in Jerusalem Joy, and now it is the children of those original choir members that she is teaching!

Another teacher rang up from somewhere on the south coast.  Years ago she had entered her school choir in a competition and they performed Roger's version of 'When I survey' in two parts.  They easily won the competition with a score of over 95%.  Now she has been asked to have her choir sing for BBC Radio Solent, and once again they are going to sing 'When I survey'.  Pray that their rendition really blesses those who listen.

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