Friday 2 March 2012

Eccleshall with Annie

Annie's busy weekend didn't end with the Sing for Joy day.  The very next morning Annie and a team set off for Holy Trinity Eccleshall, near Stafford, for David in a Day.  Her amazing team were Paul, Barrie, Caroline and Amy, who did a fantastic job.  Paul played David, and Barrie was both Jesse and Goliath.  Caroline and Amy filled in the other solo bits and pieces.

There were a group of children who had made a massive shield and sword for Barrie to pose with as Goliath, and they also made the letters of the name 'David' ready for the song 'David is the one'. 

The choir were over 50 in number, including the vicar, and it was a really happy day.  The musical was a celebration of the completion of some building works to make the church more accessible for disabled people, and even the architect was in the choir!

Annie spoke at the end, talking about being a person 'after God's heart', which went down really well.  The vicar James read out a letter from the Bishop of Stafford who couldn't be there on the day.  They are going to be performing 'Saints Alive' on their own for Pentecost.

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