Wednesday 1 February 2012

Looking ahead to Easter

We're always delighted when we hear about choirs and churches who are using Roger's music for mission and outreach.  I received a call this morning from Maureen in County Durham.  She leads a choir called 'The Witness Choir', and whenever Roger writes a new musical, we can depend on them to take it on.  She says they had a wonderful time performing Rock.

This year they are working on Two Sisters and a Funeral, and they aim to perform it in Crook on Friday 6th April, which is Good Friday at 6pm.  But that's not the only thing for that day.  In the morning at 11am the choir are going to be singing 'Jesus comes riding in to town' and 'Were you there when they crucified my Lord' at a Churches Together in Crook outreach event outside in the middle of the town.  Maureen is particularly excited about Jesus comes, as it is at that point that representatives from all the different churches are arriving waving banners.

Do pray for Maureen, and all other choirs out there using CMM resources for mission.

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