Monday 16 January 2012

A weekend retreat

This weekend EBRG travelled to Shallowford House near Stafford for our annual retreat weekend.

EBRG stands for East Birmingham Renewal Group, and was originally a house group in East Birmingham years and years ago.  Gradually over time the group evolved to become a support group for Roger and Mary, then Annie and eventually Helen.  EBRG still functions as a house group, but also works alongside CMM, encouraging, praying, seeking God, and keeping us all in check!

So this year EBRG travelled to Shallowford House to spend some time together.  We had some wonderful input from Alison Morgan, who works for ReSource - .  The teaching was based on her book 'The Word on the Wind', which is a kind of follow-up to her book 'The Wild Gospel'.

On Sunday we spent the morning reflecting on what Alison had brought, and finished with some worship and prayer.

God has really blessed us all this weekend, and we look forward to the coming weeks where we reflect upon the weekends some more and think about where God is leading.

A huge thanks go to Simon and Alison who run Shallowford - they are a real blessing.

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