Thursday 15 December 2011

A busy few days for Annie

Annie's run up to Christmas is very busy indeed.  On Sunday night the CMM Choir held their latest performance of Simeon, this time at St. Thomas' Aldridge.  Pat, who was supposed to have been singing the part of Mary, was ill, and the other soloist that had learnt the part was away, so Sue Walker stepped into the breach.  She did a wonderful job, and Annie says she had to be careful not to look at Alan, because he was weeping every time she sang!

Annie went on to say this:

It was a really lovely production, with Edgar singing Simeon – resplendent in genuine prayer shawl – and holding the baby Jesus – the Middle-Eastern one this week, which looked wonderful. He has the most beautiful expression and shining eyes, and all the soloists used him as a visual aid in such a lovely and worshipful way that I was really moved. Soloists: Edgar, Sue Walker, David Hall, Francis Shakespeare, David Newell, Alan Walker and Elaine Brittle. We ended, as last week, with ‘From heaven you came, helpless Babe – this is our God, the Servant King.’

Then this week Annie's work continued (joined by Helen) as she travelled to Grenfell Baptist for their ladies' fellowship Christmas service.  Annie accompanied the carols on piano, with Helen on flute, and then both of them sang 'How silent waits the listening earth' from Seasons and Reasons and then 'Mary and her man called Joe' from Simeon.  It is always lovely to attend this fellowship - Grenfell Baptist was the church Roger and Mary met at, and other EBRG members such as Gill have connections there.

Then later today, Annie and Helen are going to Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church to lead their ladies' fellowship Christmas meeting, and then on Saturday they are taking the same programme (though extended) to the sisters at St. John's House in Ward End.

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