Friday 25 November 2011

Ladies' Breakfast

A couple of weeks ago Helen went to speak at a Ladies' Breakfast at Catshill Baptist Church.  It was quite a daunting task, as previous speakers have included Fiona Castle and Jennifer Rees-Larcombe.

Having struggled for a while, Helen eventually decided to speak about singing, and also include a little bit of the 'Ways to Praise' teaching.

The breakfast was an amazingly well-oiled machine.  The ladies at Catshill Baptist hold this about twice every year, and serve up some wonderful food.  The church was packed out - about 100 were present.

The talk went really well (except for overrunning a bit), and at the end Helen decided to risk it and to sing prophetically over the group.  People responded amazingly well, and a few of the words of knowledge EBRG had had on the previous Thursday evening were claimed.

A very exciting morning!

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