Friday, 30 September 2011

Your events

We just had this email in from a lady in Malton:

We have just shared Greater than Gold with a very full chapel and everyone really enjoyed taking part and listening to the music and drama. 
We had a choir of 45 and a drama team. We used piano and drums.  Our drummer is a chap who wandered far away from the Lord but has come back.  He said that he had really been helped and encouraged by taking part. 
A number of the singers have never sang a RJ musical before and really loved the music.  The only complaint is that they cannot stop singing the songs even in the supermarket.  We were really blessed with our 'Mary' she sang so well and loved every moment.  When she thanked the Lord for her Bible there were many wet eyes in the chapel. 
So thank you for your music and for the joy we have all shared as we sang it.
God bless you and the team at CMM.
Margot Taylor, Malton.

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