Monday 4 July 2011

A Rock Warm-Up

On the Sunday immediately following Grange, Roger and a team took the rather shorter journey to King's Heath in Birmingham for a performance of Rock at Devon's home church. The CMM choir were also performing in West Bromwich on the same night, which meant that we had to come up with a special choir for the occasion.

The performance was deliberately scheduled in the diary so that the Rock team about to tour Ireland could meet together to rehearse. The team was Alan (Cornelius), Devon (Peter), Andrew (Jesus - he'd never performed it before), Aly (Zillah and various other bits), Helen (Susannah and various other bits). It was a great opportunity for the team to join together and gel in advance of the trip away. It was also fantastic to see Devon in action in his home church. At the start of the evening Roger commented to the congregation that it was 'great to see where Devon comes from'. At the end of the evening the pastor commented that it was 'great to see where Devon goes'!

The choir were absolutely wonderful. We had Katie, Laura, Charlotte, Ann, Amy, Dave, Martin, Simon and Phil - Phil doing a stirling job as the only bass! It was a bit of a daunting choir - three of the original cast for Rock and two of the studio backing vocalists...

The performance went really well, and was set going in some style by Devon leading 'Shine Jesus Shine' from the keyboard. One of the most powerful times in the performance was the moment where the space was given for God to speak - and not just cast members joined in but the choir too!

We were looked after brilliantly well, and know that the church will have been praying for our tour of Ireland.

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