Thursday 14 July 2011

Rock in Ireland 3

The third update:

We made it safely to Holywood on Thursday and had a lovely evening meal with Deidre, the local choir trainer.  This is a very different area from County Cavan - there is a lot of wealth around, and the church is the big lively Anglican Church in the centre of town.  If this was Nottingham we'd be at St. Nics, or Holy Trinity in Leicester, or St. Martin's in Birmingham.  There is loads of music going on and lots of young people at the church.  Deidre is the musical director at the church and quite a character.  She knows how to throw a party!  She used to work as a sound engineer for the BBC and is incredibly musical.
The choir she has got together are about 25 strong, and very young.  Most of the singers are under 20, which is wonderful, and they make a lovely sound together.  The rehearsal last night went really well, especially as the church worship director, a young guy called 'Roo' was there, and he knows exactly what he's doing when it comes to setting up PA.  It was a joy to turn up and find everything right ready for us!
Yesterday we went over to the Giant's causeway, which was great apart from the heavens opened on us as we were about to walk back to the car! 


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