Monday 18 July 2011

The Lamb

While Roger, Helen and the team were away in Ireland, Annie was as busy as ever.  She had several performances of Two Sisters with the CMM choir in Birmingham, and she also had a special musical in a day event.

On Saturday 18th June, Annie led 'The Lamb' in a day at Wylde Green URC near Sutton Coldfield.  The Lamb was written by Beresford King-Smith back in 1978 and was revised in 2000.  The lyrics were written by his wife Margot, who has sadly since passed away.

Beresford chose this event specially to celebrate his 80th birthday, and it was an honour for CMM to be able to contribute to the celebrations, as he has been such a wonderful supporter over the years.

The Lamb begins on the banks of the Jordan with John the Baptist, but then moves quickly on to the story of the passion, journeying with Jesus right through his resurrection and looks forward to the time when we will worship him in all his glory.

Annie had a lovely choir and an excellent group of instrumentalists for the day, and she says that the concert at the end of the day was absolutely wonderful and that everyone was very appreciative.  The Lamb was very challenging to complete in a day, but Annie was delighted with the achievement.

So happy birthday Beresford!

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