Friday, 5 November 2010

Quiet day with Barbara Rowarth

Roger and Helen, along with a team of Deborah Wilde, Kaye Cooke and Richard Harvey were at Christ Church in Birmingham for a quiet day which was led by Barbara Rowarth ably assisted by her husband Mike. Mike and Barbara have been friends of CMM's ministry for years and years, and Barbara has led several of her quiet days for us before. One of her particular gifts is in gently leading people into God's presence through some bible teaching, and then giving people plenty of quiet time to enjoy God through visual prayer stations.

The theme of the day was the book of Ruth, and in the morning Barbara focused on the first two chapters, looking particularly at why Elimelech left the promised land with his wife and two sons, and why Naomi returned, accompanied by Ruth. She also spoke about Ruth's meeting with Boaz, and the incredible kindness he showed to her in the field.

The afternoon particularly looked at Ruth and Boaz' meeting on the threshing floor, and also Boaz's immense generosity in marrying Ruth and taking on Elimelech's property - Ruth was able to bear a son to continue Elimelech's line. This line of course continued to King David, and on to Jesus.

Barbara also offered some prayer ministry during the day, and almost all of the attendees received prayer and had a wonderful day.

It was also wonderful to work with Richard, Kaye and Debs in leading the worship for the day.

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