Monday 5 July 2010

New CMM Albums

In the past few months we have been working to create two new albums at CMM.

The first album has been the product of Annie's hard work and it is CMM's first instrumental album. Annie has taken a number of the beautiful ballads that CMM has produced over the years and recorded them all on solo viola. The CD also includes a couple of tracks with extra flute (Helen) and cornet (Kevin). Many of the tracks on the album are ones which particularly highlight Annie's orchestration and feature some wonderful instrumentalists over the years.

Annie brought together a string quartet for the occasion:

Violin - Heather Bradshaw, Claire Lewis-Lim
Viola - Annie Routley
Cello - Corinne Frost

One of the pieces - 'When I see the blood' - From Pharaoh to Freedom - Annie had arranged specially for string octet - so this particular piece is a completely new recording.

The other new CMM album is called 'The Look of Love', and it is the first CD to accompany the brand new 'Roger Jones Song Collection'. This is a collection of songs of healing and wholeness including songs such as 'Broken Chains' from Jail Break, 'In my dreams' from Snakes and Ladders, 'See how he dies' from Pharisee, 'Let me see your face' from Mary Magdalene and many more.

We recorded one brand new track for this album, which is 'Sitting at his feet' - Ann Steer took most of the vocals, with a little bit towards the end from Helen Pollard. This song will appear in Two Sisters and a Funeral, but will be sung by different vocalists and may have a slightly different format.

These two albums are £12.99 each, or both together for £20. You can also buy these with the Song Collection music book for £30. Visit the CMM website for more details -

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