Friday, 25 June 2010

Catshill Worship Weekend

After the mad rush of the Rock Roadshow, the Renewal evening, and the Rhos on Sea week, the pace didn't let up and we were straight off to Catshill for a worship weekend. Not a long journey though, as Catshill is on the A38 just outside Birmingham.

We had been invited by Elizabeth Hidderley, who has long been known to CMM through various musicals and trips to Israel. It was wonderful to work alongside her and Helen, an oboeist from the church.

We had a wonderful team for the day, as so many associates live locally - Kathleen Owen, Martin Fisher, Simon Cooper and Sarah Harley were the team for the event alongside Roger and Helen (and Mary on the Sunday).

Roger began with his Ways to Praise teaching, looking at psalms, hymns and songs, and then some more creative worship. After lunch Helen led a new songs workshop and then the Saturday culminated in 'Being a worshipper' - looking at David.

We also took the Sunday morning service which was themed around psalm 23, as it was the lectionary for the day.

It was an interesting event, as the theology of worship among the group was very broad leading to some exciting discussion. We're sure God was moving and that people enjoyed the weekend, which evoked memories for some people of the 'Mission Praise services' they used to hold in the past.

Please pray for Elizabeth and the minster Andy, and others at the church as they continue to explore worship together.

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