Monday, 28 June 2010

And the very next day...

A very late night and a few hours sleep later, Roger was on the go again. And this time his Wildfire shirt came back out. We had a pre-Cumbria Wildfire Tour practice performance at Christ Church, Burney Lane. The team for the tour got together:

Stephen - Jonathan Chappell
Paul - Bill Carpenter
Paul's Pharisee sidekick - Mike Bailey
Rhoda - Ann Steer
Lydia - Sharon Collins
Anna - Helen Pollard
Bookstall - Keith Grimshaw

It was strange performing Wildfire again, particularly for Ann and Helen reprising their old roles. Jonathan has recently played Stephen in the CMM Choir's performance of Wildfire, and we had quite a number from the choir supporting us in the performance.

It was also great to have Sharon Collins and Mike Bailey with us from Barrow in Furness. Mike is Mary Jones' brother.

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